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AV Wand Massager 1.7″ Head w/ 360° Rotation 7-speed


SKU: 652827736633

Personal Wand Massager for Women | 7 Powerful Speeds & 10 Strong Vibrating Patterns | Cordless, Portable & Discreet to go Anywhere with You

  • DISCOVER YOUR MOST SENSITIVE SPOTS and enjoy continuous pleasure and relaxation. This elegant and powerful wand therapeutic massager has 7 Powerful speeds and 10 Strong vibrating patterns, it will satisfy even the most demanding – with its flexible neck and medical silicone it will ensure maximum comfort!
  • RELIEF STRESS & RELAX your tired shoulders, feet, legs, neck, back & other sensitive spots with its strong vibrations.
  • WATERPROOF, CORDLESS & USB RECHARGEABLE: You do not have to worry about any cables or liquids splashing the massager, add any kind of oils, creams or lubricants to maximize your pleasure & relaxation. The 2200 Li-Ion battery will last through your sessions, then easy & fast charge with magnetic USB charger.
  • SILENT, COMPACT & DISCREET easy to transport with you wherever you go, Very silent when in use makes it discreet to use when others are around.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: When it comes to our massager products we only use the best materials, made out of ABS and high-grade Medical Silicone with the latest high-end technology production process, we are confident in our product and offer you 1 year warranty.


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The rechargeable and waterproof AV Personal Massager will provide you with 7 speeds powerful vibrations and 10 sets of frequencies for optimizable pleasuring. This device will be good for most women.
AV Wand Personal Massager will assist you with multiple self-pleasuring and massaging techniques.
With its discreet design always disguised as a simple back or foot massager will never reveal your pleasuring secrets.
1.Make sure the device is always charged and not left with empty battery for a long period as this may damage the battery.
2. Keep the device in a clean and dry box for safety reasons.
3. The electronic components are not waterproof.

Always keep the device clean and ready for another use.

Material: Silicone and ABS
Size: 1.7″ * 8.85″
Power: Magnetic USB charging
Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Noise: 50db

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