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TouchSensitive Magic Wand Massager Vibrator


SKU: 652827736688

Stimulate Your Sensitive Spots on AutoPilot | Low Noise 10 Speeds, Waterproof

AUTOPILOT STIMULATE YOUR MOST SENSITIVE SPOTS no distractions to set speed or intensity in the middle of an incoming sensation, enjoy continuous pleasure and relaxation.

  • REAL SKIN FEEL achieved by the latest medical SkinSense Silicone mixture, it will blow your mind with its powerful yet most sensitive and realistic feel stimulations to your body.
  • SILENT, PORTABLE & DISCREET easy to transport with you wherever you go, multiple programs and speeds to set, Mute when in use, makes it POSSIBLE to use when others are around.
  • WATERPROOF, CORDLESS & USB RECHARGEABLE: You do not have to worry about any cables or liquids splashing the massager, add any kind of oils, creams or lubricants to maximize your pleasure & relaxation. The 2200 Li-Ion battery will last through your sessions, then easy & fast charge with USB charger.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: When it comes to our massager products we only use the best materials, made out of ABS and high-grade Medical Silicone with the latest high-end technology production process, we are confident in our product and offer you 1-year warranty.


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Intelligent TouchSensitive AV Magic Wand Massager Silicone BodyWand Low Noise

10 Different Frequencies
10 Speeds
Medical Silicone, Soft and very Quiet
Head 1.7″ Diameter
It is very Quiet when in Use
Auto Touch Activated
100% Waterproof IPx 7
Cordless, Rechargeable, USB Charger
High-Quality Product 1 Year Warranty

The Virtual Touch Retina AV Magic Wand Personal Massager is activated when you touch the Vibration head according to the contact surface and the intensity, the area of the contact surface, automatically adjusts the frequency and speed and gives you continuous full body stimulation and get you the most pleasurable experience on AUTOPILOT, Relax your muscles to achieve full-body satisfaction on AUTOPILOT
Incredibly discreet and almost mute, made out of medical silicone 100% waterproof you can submerge it up to 1m deep in water.

Roll the head over tired shoulders or direct the soft, silicone head to your other sensitive spots, taking full advantage of its array of pleasure settings. SenseTouch technology offers a personalized, intuitive approach to your pleasure time.
With 10 modes and 10 vibrating speeds, it is adjustable for everyone and all kinds of body massages.
Easy to Clean


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