We do our best as pleasure experts to research for the best product and we consider you as a big part of the research to find the best Personal Pleasure Assistant, therefore as part of our team you will be treated as such and in case you strongly dislike the product you purchased then you can return that with all the original packaging and we will dispose it, then you can choose a completely different product in the same price range one, time only.

The products are covered for 1 year after purchase date.
If it stops working for any reason other than physical abuse or damage, we will replace it.


1. Contact our return department returns@duxter.co to sign a return form
2. Wash and disinfected item then place dry in a zip-bag and in the original packaging (This item will be adequately disposed of)
3 .Place the original packaging in a shipping box or envelope include the return form printed and mail it to:
PO Box xxx
Miami, FL, 33137

Your exchange will be processed in 4-8 days and the selected replacement will be sent to you.